Flea Market

May 28, 2010

Okay, so I tried to come up with a witty pun for the title to this post about fleas being a dirty fix to my problems or something to that effect, but gave up. In any case, I have found what I hope to be a solution to my earlier crisis, too much junk and the inability to host a yard sale (read the post for more info on that). And the solution is: selling all my junk at a local flea market. For $18 I get a 10×10 plot with a roof, “minimal electricity” and a table. And I get to sit there with all my junk from 7am-4:30 pm. Wooo. I’m really hoping I can make enough money to buy this guitar. I’ll let you all know how that goes. (although to be honest, I should really save up so I’ll have money when I go to Canada…but maybe my beautiful music will absorb money out of the air…)

In the meantime, here’s a fun craft project:

Create a Necklace Display Rack

Since I have a good bit of jewelry that I’m going to try to sell at the Flea Market tomorrow, I needed to come up with a way to display it. Considering I have neither display racks nor cases, I was a little at a loss. However, being the wino that I am, I have a few empty wine bottles lying around, and I also have plenty of reinforced clothes hangers (you know, the kind that are wire, but have the plastic black pieces on top to hold heavier clothes). So I snapped off the plastic pieces from the hanger, taped them to the sides of the wine bottle, then draped black felt over the two pieces and voilà, necklace display rack.  Additionally, if you have any cigar boxes lying around, you can either glue small hooks to the inside of the lid for jewelry or attach a ribbon on which you can hang earrings.

Course, you may have to sacrifice a bit of your dignity to employ these methods. Yesterday, my brother asked why I had only one necklace hanging on my newly created display rack. I responded, “I don’t want it to look tacky.” I then realized that, oh wait, I’m using a wine bottle coat hanger display rack.


PS I may add pictures later if I can get my digital camera working.


Musical Genius

May 26, 2010

Apparently there’s a new Bieber on the block

Ellen Degeneres is about to take a chance on Greyson Chance, a 12 year old wonder from Oklahoma by signing him as the first artist on her new record label, Eleveneleven.  Now, I have to say, I am super excited to see Ellen take on this new young artist – I really hope she’ll lead him in a different direction than the dance/pop/r&b direction in which the Beebs has gone.  Here’s a really good video of when the Bieber was just playin guitar and singin on a street corner to raise money so he and his mom could go to Disneyworld.

As you can see, the kid hasn’t always been the hip-hop youngster that Usher has transformed him into, and that makes me sad. What happened to the acoustic-guitar playing street performer? Which is why I feel like Greyson Chance signing with Ellen is such an awesome happenstance – perhaps this kid will travel into the musical realm Bieber would have gone into had he not been picked up by an R&B star.

In any case, that’s not exactly what I wanted to write this post on.

My iTunes Genuis has been particularly on point as of late, and I want to share the latest playlist with you all. It’s the perfect combination of the old, the recent (though mostly old, to be honest), mellow, unique, upbeat  and overall greatness of a handful of artists that came up when I genuised one of my all-time favorite songs, “Fight Test” by the Flaming Lips (video below).  It’s at times boppy, at times depressing, both electronic and acoustic, and it somehow manages to sound like it all belongs together.  Let’s just say, this list is like having the ultimate Pokemon deck in the trading card game. The one that’s been banned from conventions because the peons just can’t take it.

(click on Pop-out Player to navigate to the playlist via playlist.com)

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I know you’re anxious to see it, so here it is, the ultimate of ultimates Genuis list:

  • Fight Test – Flaming Lips
  • Haiti – Arcade Fire
  • Gravity Rides Everything – Modest Mouse
  • Kissing the Lipless – the Shins
  • Kid A – Radiohead
  • Over and Over Again (Lost and Found) – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • The Crane Wife 3 – The Decembrists
  • Clark Gable – The Postal Service
  • Here Comes Your Man – Pixies
  • The W.A.N.D. – The Flaming Lips
  • Know Your Onion! – The Shins
  • You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb – Spoon
  • Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) – Arcade Fire
  • The Good Times Are Killing Me – Modest Mouse
  • The Great Salt Lake – Band of Horses
  • Black Tambourine – Beck
  • Treefingers – Radiohead
  • Is This It – The Strokes
  • Is This Love? – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21 – The Flaming Lips
  • Saint Simon – The Shins
  • (Antichrist Television Blues) – Arcade Fire
  • The District Sleeps Alone Tonight – The Postal Service
  • Paper Thin Walls – Modest Mouse
  • Lost Cause – Beck


PS feel free to disagree with me, but post your own musical suggestions in the comments!


wtf, life?

May 23, 2010

Okay, so recent mistakes have led me to this somewhat desperate attempt to determine what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it.

Here’s the issue:

School got overwhelming and burned me out the last 3 semesters (it was all a downward spiral since study abroad – how can you come back from that kind of experience!?). Every day, I’d come back to my room and stare at all of the clutter in my room and want to take a torch to it all, or maybe get someone to come in, bag it up, and carry it out Santa Claus style. I figured, once I got home I’d have all the time in the world to figure out what to do with it all, that I could sell it on ebay or in a yard sale or whatnot.  **problem #1: the parents won’t let me have a yard sale on account of they don’t want anyone “casin’ the joint” (paranoid freaks)

So I get home, unload my junk into my room so that I can’t see the floor and then try to establish an organizing/selling game plan. This is very obviously **problem #2: how can I figure out where to start when I can’t even distinguish where one thing ends and another starts!?

Add to all of that the fact that I’m peacing out June 1st, much earlier than planned, and as the “deadline” approaches, my anxiety has kicked up several notches each day.  Now, I know this may seem to be a bit of a trivial problem, but if you’ve read any of my earlier blog posts, you’ll know that I consider the state of my living quarters to have a large impact on the state of my life. In other words, for me, messy room=messy life.

That’s really the number one issue here, I have a lot of loose ends that I need to tie up before I can head off to the unknown, and not just cleaning up the physical mess.

But first, I need to take care of some of my more basic needs:

1) Get up before the sun is high in the sky.

My main problem with this is, believe it or not, not the waking up part, but the trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do right after getting out of bed. In other words, I sit up, look around, can’t think of what it is I’m supposed to do in the morning, and then remember how cuddly my pillow was and just lie back down. So I am now establishing that I shall shower in the mornings (I’m normally a night-shower-er) followed directly by getting dressed and then breakfast. 9am, that is my established get up time.

2) Make lists

I need to follow my own advice and start making more lists! And to actually complete the items I put on my lists! I think one way for lists to be successful is to have one, over-arching list, with also a day-to-day list that has only the things you can accomplish that day on it. And I think it’s best to underestimate, that way when you get through the list and get started on the next day’s list, you can feel like you’re ahead of yourself.

3) Stay active and eat healthy

I must admit, my laziness and slight stint of depression (I hesitate to really call it that as it’s more of an after-school confusion than anything) have also affected my health. I haven’t been eating well (mostly because I’ve been too lazy to make any food for myself so I’ve been surviving on left overs) and I haven’t been staying active. So this week, I plan to actually have 3 meals a day and get some physical exercise (even if it’s not treadmill style) every day. I even went to the store and got some chocolate milk!

Here’s one blogger’s way to make new habits stick!

What I’m listening to: Black Tambourine – Beck



Mom, can I have a sloth for a pet?

May 21, 2010

Just happened upon some super adorable sloth footage via stumble. Here’s the article. Video credit Amphibian Avenger.




May 20, 2010

Finally! A genre Hollywood hasn’t copied to the point of exhaustion: SNL skits. But really, I am excited about MACGRUBER.  Here’s a trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Equally exciting, awkwardfamilyphotos.com is having a “whose mullet is the awesomest” contest in tribute to the movie, which will be opening tomorrow, May 21st. And you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there.



Facebook: what is it coming to?

May 18, 2010

Facebook – wtf? Is it really a terrifying, privacy-invading, devil-driven entity bent on exposing its users most intimate secrets? What can an avid facebook-user do to limit the amount of their personal information leaked through the web?

Aside from these tips on avoiding legal issues (or these) on facebook, there are a few ways that I have used, and that you can use, to control to the best of your ability who sees your facebook content on the web.

1. Privacy Settings

Under “Account” -> “Privacy Settings” you can control exactly who can see what of your homepage. One particularly useful tool from there is “Profile Information”->”Preview My Profile”  Where you can type in a person or group’s name to see exactly what they can see on your profile.

2. Keep Tabs on Groups, Applications, and Pages

Keep in mind that groups you become a “fan” of and most applications automatically have full access to your homepage. Even if you are not currently using an application on your homepage, you have to manually delete it to have it completely removed. Edit these settings under “Privacy Settings”->”Applications and Websites”.

3. “Edit Friends” Option

Under “Account”->”Edit Friends”, you will find an extremely useful page. Here, you can create lists with specific privacy settings and assign different friends to different lists depending on what you want them each to see. For instance, my lists include, “Don’t Know You At All”, “Acquaintances”, “Relatives”, “Kids”, and “Work”. I know it’s a pain to go through and put each of your friends in a separate list, but it’s worth it. And once the lists are created, you can automatically put new friends in whichever one you want. Note: they can’t see that you’ve put them on a list so there’s no risk in offending someone!  On the “Edit Friends” page, you can also view the pages you’re a fan of to make absolutely sure you have them at the privacy settings you want.

4. Public Search

Okay, so I don’t mind being searchable within the facebook community, but I do not think it is a good idea to allow your personal facebook page to come up in a Google search.  To prevent this, go to “Account”->”Privacy Settings”->”Search”. Make sure “Allow” under “Public Search Results” is NOT checked.

5. Check for Floater Info

You know all those groups asking for your phone number because a friend lost his or her phone? Well if you write your personal info on the wall of that group and it’s not a private group, then that information is searchable. A good way to see what floater info is out there under your name is by doing a Google insite search. Just type this into the Google search bar: “your name” site:facebook.com

6. Stay Informed

It’s definitely not a bad idea to do a Google news article search of facebook every now and then – the better informed you are, the more likely you’ll be able to avoid privacy issues in the future.

More Tips and Information related to Facebook and Privacy Issues:

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Chocolate Milk Diet!?

May 17, 2010

Holy balls, batman!   Chocolate Milk Diet

What I’m listening to: So Far Around the Bend – The National